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Oct 27 2022

Heavy Airlift Wing trained on standard European ground handling 

Pápa, 27 October 2022 – Hungarian Defence Forces Pápa Air Base and the Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW) jointly hosted the European Air Transport Command’s (EATC) Advanced Combined Air Terminal Training (ACATT). The course’s ultimate aim is to standardize military ground terminal operations across Europe.

Pápa Air Base was home to a 14-day-long ‘train-the-trainer’ course where students from 10 countries learned the theoretical and practical aspects of standard European military ground handling. Successful graduates can now bring advanced knowledge back to their homes, where they can train their teams on European military ground handling standards.

Belgian, Dutch, German, and French instructors shared their expertise on the EATC’s Ground Operations Manual in the classroom and on preparing, loading and off-loading cargo, and passenger handling in practice.

I know that you will bring all the knowledge you learned back to your home countries so that we all can work as one. Be proud of yourselves, of what you accomplished and keep working together as comrades

said EATC Commander Major General Andreas Schick during the diploma ceremony of the course, who spent a day observing the EATC’s training methods and was interested in students’ feedback.

EATC Commander observes C-17 loading as part of the training. Photo: Strategic Airlift Capability

The Heavy Airlift Wing, an expert in United States’ ground handling procedures, had a chance to extend its portfolio by getting familiar with the European standards promoted by the European Defense Agency (EDA).

Planning the training took more than five months of close coordination between EATC, who suggested Pápa as the training location, the HAW, and Pápa Air Base.

HAW Commander, EATC Commander, Pápa Air Base Vice Commander. Photo: Strategic Airlift Capability
HAW Commander, EATC Commander, Pápa Air Base Vice Commander. Photo: Strategic Airlift Capability

Due to the state-of-the-art infrastructure available at Pápa Air Base, students had a chance to practice in a fully equipped and operational Passenger Terminal, a cargo preparation facility, and a C-17.

EATC’s training is a cornerstone of European military interoperability and the collaboration of nations in the domain of military ground handling.

Story by Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC)